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The ContentBiz newsletter let me know about, a new marketplace for writing talent and projects. They say:

He's handpicking each writer who is listed - which if he's any
good at it, could be quite a relief for folks like me. There are
about 20 writers there now.
Unfortunately the website doesn't really explain what this means or what sort of process is involved in getting listed. But one's thing's for sure: This site has the coolest drop-down menus I've ever seen. They gradually roll out rather than just appearing when you mouse-over. And if you "View Source" you'll see that whoever built this Website left in an entire manual full of comments to help you figure out how to do this. JavaScript always confused me (I'm lame) so I'll leave it to the professionals to determine how this works.

June 16, 2003 1:34 PM

I designed and created the site for Fergal Byrne and I now use it to find talented writers for my different projects.

I highly suggest giving it a try on one of your own projects requiring some professional copy.

Remember, this is the real key to online profits and you don't want to leave copywriting to anyone but a real pro.

To your success,

Mark Braunstein Sales and Support

Posted by: Mark on August 22, 2003 8:15 PM